How to Remove Moles with Iodine Solution!

This video shows you how to remove moles with iodine solution at home. I used 5% iodine solution to remove a mole on my forearm and I show you what it looks …


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  1. ravi soni says:

    wow she is beautiful…

  2. firecloud77 says:


    If you really want to help people, PLEASE type the name of this iodine product in your description so that we know what to purchase.

  3. StrixNoctis says:

    I think that was a smart move to remove the irritating mole from your back before allowing it to have a chance to possibly turn cancerous. I believe people should remove moles that are raised or irritating and not allow them to have a chance of turning into melanoma. I have the same thought for other odd raised skin marks–it’s better to deal with them when they’re a small & benign problem.

  4. CUFF3R says:

    I purchased the Logol’s solution you recommended on Amazon. I’ve been using it for about a week and have not noticed any change in any of the moles I have treated. I haven’t felt the “burning sensation” either.

    Do you have any idea why it may not be working? Perhaps because there isn’t any alcohol in the product?

    The solution is red. On application my skin absorbs that colour and stays red for a couple days(if I don’t apply anymore). Did that happen to you as well?

  5. starflower666 says:

    did you say Lugol’s iodine would be suitable for mole removal?
    it seems to be sold as a 15%, 7% and 3% strength though…

  6. BleachDR says:

    So, mole removal: banana peel |OR| Apple Cider Vinegar |OR| baking soda + castor oil |OR| dermatrend? |OR| medical: scalpel+stitches, laser.. . AND NOW Iodine, I’m a bit confuse right now, Since we gain moles so easily, why no chemistry donkey discover a reaction for melanocyte’s?, bet is not that hard.

  7. Merdun Kerman says:

    Cool video…
    I love chemistry :)

  8. Onehundredjobs says:

    Yes, you can. I can’t sell it, unfortunately.

  9. XxSillyGirlx says:

    Can I buy it off amazon?Please reply

  10. Babs Cain says:

    Does Iodine work on warts as well? Thank you.

  11. COPYKATTZ28 says:

    Where is the follow up video? For the mole removal with iodine

  12. CasmX says:

    I ordered mine from amazon with no issues. It’s fairly expensive but it’ll be a lot cheaper than surgery.

  13. gcboyallday says:

    You can use apple cider vinegar also! :)

  14. XLR8guy says:

    What if i put it on my face? Damnnnn itll hurt alot.

  15. frankelberry007 says:

    Does this work on age spots the same as it does on moles?

  16. chrsmcwtrs says:

    iodine is a healer.. remember that.. iodine tincture is for surface areas on your body like this stuff she is using in the video.. its labeled poison because it has about 47% alcohol in it which i think it is ethanol and it is a poison!! and of course its going to burn when you put it on an open wound silly girl.. you should just use the logols iodine the kind you can drink it wont burn!! puting straight logols on your skin, it will take a few minute to dry cause its absent of alcohol!

  17. chrsmcwtrs says:

    i twill stop singing when the alcohol evaporates..

  18. Mohd Alberto says:

    since you very kind with us why not you try with natural item such cauliflower. the way you do with Iodine scare me a little bit.

  19. Jean Botts says:

    Blow on it silly…really …stops the sting…

  20. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    I use the 2 oz. J.Crow and recently bought a 33.8 oz bottle from RisingSunHealth which is the same formulation. They are both Lugol’s Iodine.

    Lugol’s is the recommended Liquid supplement. Some take Iodoral which is a tablet for various reasons, but it is quite a bit more expensive. Its important to find a good guide and preferably a good doctor. Stop the Thyroid Madness webpage has a good resource for helping find a good doctor. Breast cancer choices website has a page for Iodine Practit

  21. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    Iodine is needed for far more than the Thyroid and Iodized salt provides only enough for the Thyroid to prevent goiter not for optimal health. Much of the Iodine in salt is lost by the time you eat any and its absorbed horribly as well.

    When they used to put Potassium Iodate in breads as conditioner that absorbed well…but they stopped doing that and started adding Bromide instead

  22. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    I think we’re deficient far more than you realize. An estimation I read is that with the toxins in our environment it would take about 5 pounds fish seafood a day to get enough Iodine.

    Bromide and Fluoride inhibit Iodine uptake use. The Iodine Crisis and the book Iodine by David Brownstein are two great books on this.

    There is a Yahoo Iodine discussion group with a great supplement guide. Search for Iodine supplementation guide and it’ll come up on comcast. net address

  23. mashamellowlove says:

    Can you make a video about how to use it to get rid of stretch marks? I’m going to order some iodine online and try this :) I have at least 100 moles on my body 0_o Hopefully this can help me get rid of some of the huge ones that have been bothering my my whole life without getting an equally hideous scar!

  24. Onehundredjobs says:

    Yes. I will provide pictures of previously treated moles this week. Most have zero scarring.

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